Opinion: How We are Flawed, and What We Must do to Fix it

Evolution is the process that defines life as it is. It shapes every living creature, and allows them to thrive in their environment by culling the unfit and poorly adapted from the population. This, in effect, cleanses the gene pool by depriving the weak the right to reproduce, and therefore allowing the species a better chance for survival. Homo sapien, like every creature before it, and most likely every creature after it, has been sculpted and whittled into a survivalist juggernaut by this very process. However, the human species has adapted to such a degree that the usually razor sharp scalpel of natural selection has been dulled… continue reading →

Opinion: Are the Red Flags Rising Again?

The 6thof May 2012, will undoubtedly go down in history as the day the political landscape of Europe changed dramatically, as the anti-austerity movement grows in the continent’s most economically turbulent countries. Mass protests have rocked Spain, while David Cameron’s coalition recently faced massive losses in local elections. But perhaps the most important changes have come from France and Greece, as it seems the Left has finally found its voice after many years of intense searching…continue reading →

Opinion: Pakistan abandoned Fakhra in her life, will it abandon her in death too?

Alena SadiqFakhra Yunus was a Pakistani woman who, from the very beginning of her life till the very end, was marginalized by society.  She worked as a prostitute in Karachi until she married Bilal Khar, the son of Punjab’s great feudal, and ex-chief minister, Ghulam Mustafa Khar. The fairy-tale marriage that Khar had promised her soon evolved into regular beatings and abuses. One day, Fakhra left for her mother’s house, and soon enough Khar came there and threw acid on her while she was asleep. Her hair burned off her head, her lips fused together, she lost one eye and the acid seeped so far down under that it melted her breasts too.continue reading →

Fiction: A Walk in the Clouds

Jurgen gazes furtively at his journal, which has rested atop his dresser for the past three weeks, gathering dust. The tattered bundle of paper is virtually his last sanctuary, and the fact that he has not found reason to roam the cavernous halls of expression is troubling him. His heart sinks into the pit of his stomach, a brick of lead straining heavy upon a tarp of silk. He has not seen his unwitting captor for as long, and has since lost hope of ever seeing her again. This, despite whatever pretension may be made to the contrary, is the true reason for his angst… continue reading →

Opinion: Gandhi Was Vegetarian

In discussing vegetarianism with people, it’s funny to see how similar everyone’s arguments are. Irrespective of political beliefs, social status, income levels, education, etc., everyone tends to debate in pretty much exactly the same way. Some people focus more on some things than others, but at the end of the day, everyone is doing it. And almost everyone tends to disbelieve the same facts, ignore the same questions, and disregard the same ideas. Entire books could be (and have been) filled with these facts, questions, and ideas that everyone seems to ignore, but one that I find particularly interesting is the idea that vegetarianism is necessary to lead a non-violent life… continue reading →

News: Kony 1986

I opened my Facebook yesterday and was greeted by a flood of Kony 2012 faces all over my news feed. I watched the 30 minute documentary, and then thought about it for a bit. How did a 25-year-old conflict suddenly become so popular? How did the video go viral? Of all the documentaries I’ve seen, this was definitely nowhere near the top. And it’s not like Joseph Kony just abducted hundreds of children; he’s been doing it for a while now. Yet obviously, regardless of all that, it’s an amazing cause. It’s not like Invisible Children are greedy pigs. They unquestionably have good intentions, and while they do glorify themselves a bit too much, they are clearly trying to do good… continue reading →

Opinion: The “Great Communicator”

In the course of the past twenty years, the Republican Party has fundamentally altered the basis of their ideological tenets, moving from a hands on, exceedingly progressive tax code under Eisenhower, to a laissez faire economic policy under contemporary Republicans. The party foundation suffered a paradigm shift so contradictory to the previous ideology, that there was a considerable exodus of moderate conservatives to the Democratic camp. This, in effect… continue reading →