News: An Unpredictable Future for Libya

Finbarr O'Reilly for ReutersAs I watch the recent events unfolding in Libya, I find it hard to decide what the ideal outcome would be. On the one hand, I am excited for the rebels, who have finally taken down an oppressive regime and now have a shot at creating a new Libyan democracy. On the other, I am frightened for what is to come. The future is full of uncertainty for Libyans of all walks of life. There are too many different forces at work for any kind of accurate prediction… continue reading →

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About Julian Modiano

Julian Modiano was born in 1993, in Rome, Italy. He moved from Rome to Santiago, Chile, when he was just three. After Chile, he moved to South Africa – where he encountered a completely different society and discovered the importance of cultural diversity. It was also there that the first anti-capitalist feelings were probably beginning to form in his unconscious. He then moved to Rome, and then Argentina. He is now going to study Sociology at the University of Exeter, in England.

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