News: The Stick – or Throwing Carrots to the Crowd

In the wake of the 2011 Tottenham riots, social media exploded as subliminal fears of anarchy erupted in the populace, myself included. I remember staying up late into the night watching twitter and the BBC news website for updates. After about 1:00 am, little happened, but many social commentators then gushed forth on the subject. The debate on the cause and cure, and indeed what actually happened, is still going on, but it is becoming increasingly irrelevant… continue reading →

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About Jack Pickering

Jack Pickering was born in the UK in 1994, and has never stopped worrying. Paranoia forms a part of his daily life, and is integral in his motivation. Since an intellectual awakening at the age of 15, he hasn’t stopped thinking which isn’t really a good substitute for worrying. He is currently considering a Geography degree at one of several Universities, hopefully the University of Birmingham. His interests lie in politics, literature, and current affairs. He is also a great believer in the way that history is cyclical, and that nothing we do really matters.

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