Opinion: The Changing Role of Women in Saudi Arabia

One protest does not make a Revolution make, nor a few crumbs of royal concessions to women, a Saudi spring. King Abdullah’s declaration that women will be able to vote and stand in the next local elections in 2015 is progress, despite earlier promises of women being allowed to vote in last week’s opinion polls. There is, then, much to be done as Saudi Arabia remains the only country on this planet that prohibits women from driving. However, there is evidence that many women in Saudi Arabia do not want radical change, and those in favour of reform have little or no political power..continue reading →

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About Deepi Virk

Deepi Virk was born in the UK in 1994 to Indian parents, but now lives in the Republic of Ireland. From an early age, he was exposed to racial discrimination and poverty, and this has had a lasting impact on him. Through his experiences, Deepi has learned valuable lessons about the world, and how to change it. His motivation is his need to change the world for the better, and at the age of 14, he realised that the system simply doesn’t work. He is currently in his last year of school, and hopes to pursue a degree in PPES (Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Sociology) at Trinity College, Dublin.

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