Opinion: Xenophobia – An Inherent Dilemma?

Over the course of human history, xenophobia has been a dynamic catalyst for various, seemingly unrelated incidents. It has caused war, economic catastrophe, segregation, persecution, extermination, riots, unrest, religious and ethnic feuds, and countless other occasions of human depravity. Everything from the rise of American exceptionalism to the holocaust can at least be partially explained by humanity’s suspicion of non-conventional individuals or groups. One must ask themselves: What is the cause of all of this? What is the engine that drives this seemingly unnecessary and counterproductive social phenomenon… continue reading →

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About Logan Christie

In 1993, Logan was born to a lower middle class family residing in the United States. From an early age, Logan refused to accept the status quo merely on the behest of tradition, instead placing priority on empirical evidence and rationality. Thus, he is a proponent of science and free thought. Logan spends his time studying classical literature, hunting, fishing, passing time with friends, and writing his prospective novel. He is entering his final year of secondary school, and is planning for the future. He intends to attend university at one of the institutions available in his state.

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