Opinion: Adam Smith

You only have to turn over a British twenty pound note, to see arguably one of the most influential philosophers of all times, Adam Smith. Smith formulated one of the most crucial social sciences in understanding human interactions – economics – in his renowned book ‘The Wealth of Nations’. The book is considered his magnum opus and earned Smith a massive contemporary reputation as well as a legacy as ‘the father of modern economics’ and, importantly to this article, has often been labelled the first advocator of free-market capitalism... continue reading →

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About Matthew Beebee

Matthew was born in 1994 in the UK. From an early age Matthew has always been inquisitive and questioned the workings of the world we live in. Due to a strong trade union background in his family, Matthew’s views are in support of the working man and creating a society as equal as possible. Matthew is currently in his last year of school education and hopes to go off to York University to study politics, with a view to a potential career in journalism. His political interests lie in the comparison of political ideologies and 20th century British politics. Matthew is a strong believer in social justice and a political economy that works to the advantage of the most vulnerable in society.

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