Fiction: A Walk in the Clouds

Jurgen gazes furtively at his journal, which has rested atop his dresser for the past three weeks, gathering dust. The tattered bundle of paper is virtually his last sanctuary, and the fact that he has not found reason to roam the cavernous halls of expression is troubling him. His heart sinks into the pit of his stomach, a brick of lead straining heavy upon a tarp of silk. He has not seen his unwitting captor for as long, and has since lost hope of ever seeing her again. This, despite whatever pretension may be made to the contrary, is the true reason for his angst… continue reading →

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About Logan Christie

In 1993, Logan was born to a lower middle class family residing in the United States. From an early age, Logan refused to accept the status quo merely on the behest of tradition, instead placing priority on empirical evidence and rationality. Thus, he is a proponent of science and free thought. Logan spends his time studying classical literature, hunting, fishing, passing time with friends, and writing his prospective novel. He is entering his final year of secondary school, and is planning for the future. He intends to attend university at one of the institutions available in his state.

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