Opinion: How We are Flawed, and What We Must do to Fix it

Evolution is the process that defines life as it is. It shapes every living creature, and allows them to thrive in their environment by culling the unfit and poorly adapted from the population. This, in effect, cleanses the gene pool by depriving the weak the right to reproduce, and therefore allowing the species a better chance for survival. Homo sapien, like every creature before it, and most likely every creature after it, has been sculpted and whittled into a survivalist juggernaut by this very process. However, the human species has adapted to such a degree that the usually razor sharp scalpel of natural selection has been dulled… continue reading →

Opinion: Gandhi Was Vegetarian

In discussing vegetarianism with people, it’s funny to see how similar everyone’s arguments are. Irrespective of political beliefs, social status, income levels, education, etc., everyone tends to debate in pretty much exactly the same way. Some people focus more on some things than others, but at the end of the day, everyone is doing it. And almost everyone tends to disbelieve the same facts, ignore the same questions, and disregard the same ideas. Entire books could be (and have been) filled with these facts, questions, and ideas that everyone seems to ignore, but one that I find particularly interesting is the idea that vegetarianism is necessary to lead a non-violent life… continue reading →

Opinion: The “Great Communicator”

In the course of the past twenty years, the Republican Party has fundamentally altered the basis of their ideological tenets, moving from a hands on, exceedingly progressive tax code under Eisenhower, to a laissez faire economic policy under contemporary Republicans. The party foundation suffered a paradigm shift so contradictory to the previous ideology, that there was a considerable exodus of moderate conservatives to the Democratic camp. This, in effect… continue reading →

Opinion: It’s Perfectly OK to Kill Cats

I believe it is perfectly OK to kill cats. I really do. I am convinced that anyone who sees a cat walking by and then kills is not doing anything even slightly immoral. If it’s done painlessly, better, but it doesn’t make someone any more immoral for doing it painfully. I myself have sometimes enjoyed throwing a cat strongly against a wall over and over until after thirty long minutes of agony, it draws its last breath. There is no particular reason for this belief of mine – I think they’re ugly and make a street look aesthetically less pleasing – but besides that I just tend to think that there is no problem killing them… continue reading →

Opinion: A Sideways Look at Economic Growth

A friend of mine recently said in response to Cameron’s claim that Britain should use Christian values. that we need jobs, not social engineering. Avoiding the ideological quicksand that this is, it seems a pretty legitimate statement. Instead of tinkering with the social order, we need to create jobs through investment.

This is a pretty Labour-ite criticism, and I’ve got no problem with it. Of course everyone needs jobs. Of course everyone is a bit annoyed at Cameron’s increasingly ideological politics, and heavy handed approach, and I’m sure many would relish the chance to get a swipe at him… continue reading →

Opinion: The Saturation of Life

Referred to as pot or weed, scientifically referred to as cannabis, and commonly known as marijuana, it is without a doubt the plant that draws the most attention to itself. Millions of Americans are willing to break the law in order to consume it, and thousands of them are jailed every year for doing so. The government invests billions of dollars every year to prevent its consumption and distribution. And as with any noteworthy topic, there are greatly differing opinions on the issues associated with it. But bizarrely enough, there are also major differences in the actual scientific data and information available from different sources – when studying marijuana, even facts are subjective… continue reading →