The Open Wall

Throughout human history, walls have always had a distinct significance. In the times of Epicurus in Ancient Greece, walls were used to post philosophical adverts, with the intention of provoking thought in those that passed by. In China in the late 1970s, a long brick wall in Beijing became the epicenter of public dissent and discontent with the government. In 1979, Pink Floyd released their concept album The Wall, which became an immediate hit due to its powerful themes of abandonment and social isolation. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, dozens of artists flocked to the city to cover up the oppressive and haunting grey concrete slabs, with evocative murals in the East Side Gallery.

Young people are continually being told that they are ‘the leaders of tomorrow’. We believe that this popular saying is not only wrong, but also deeply harmful to the youth and to society. Because what it does is breed a young population not willing to act as a catalyst for change, but rather one that quietly waits to grow up before making its voice heard. If the Arab Springs can teach us anything, it should be that the youth do not have to be the leaders of tomorrow. They can very well be the leaders of today, and they should be. The young people of the entire world should follow their example, and make their voices heard.

We do not aim to achieve anything as grand or magnanimous as the walls of Ancient Greece, China, or Pink Floyd. But we do aim to create a public space where we can display articles, open-ed pieces, editorials, visual art, music, videos – all gearing to the promotion of social activism and change. We aspire to have high quality non-establishment journalism, and broadcast the voice of predominantly young writers.

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