A Brief Inquiry into the ‘God Phenomenon’

Since time immemorial, humanity has looked to the heavens with a mixture of rapture and curiousity. Certainly, it is an impressive display, far surpassing anything humanity can possibly hope to engineer in our present form. Man, being the inquisitive being that he is, not only conjectured on how everything presumed to work, but also how everything came to be. In the absence of a rational process built specifically to determine the factual basis of a phenomenon, it was only natural fo early man to create a being, much like himself, that had created the universe and all that inhabits it. That was then, this is now.

When I regard the world today, I find it hard to fathom why so many still buy the idea of a sentient, all powerful god. It is a terribly complicated solution to a problem, with absolutely no factual basis to back it up. Also, the always helpful principle of Occam’s razor, which states that the least fantastical claim, with the least amount of conjecture present is usually closest to the truth, contradicts the idea of an all knowing creator who designed and implemented the phenomena of the universe. It is all too predictable for the human race to immediately assume that the universe must be designed, as everything we interact with daily is designed by us. If the universe was indeed a creation, it is a very poor one, with waste and excess prevalent throughout.

An example of this waste and excess would be Natural Selection. Over 98% of species that have ever resided on Earth are now extinct. Not a great success rate. Another example would be formation and destruction of stellar systems. Some red giants are quite gluttonous, devouring the vast quantities of material quickly, leaving portions of the universe devoid of stars. Yes, they generate heavier elements, but they also waste a great deal in doing so. Eventually, there will be no more stars burning, as the material will be exhausted. There could be a much more efficient system present, but that is not so. Also, String and M theory, which is supported by mathematic calculation, is set to unify all of the major forces of the universe, and explain the moment of creation, along with the times before it, with no need for a creator.

Also, we can now trace the geneology of a god back through the generations and eras, to its original advent and proliferation . We can, through archaeological knowledge, and anthropological research, witness the various stages of the “god phenomenon”. First, it most likely originated with the sun and other celestial bodies, then proceeded to be personified by polytheistic deities, which were much more comforting and understood with a human face involved. Finally, the monotheistic god came into play with the Hebrews, who’s solitary, demanding situation suited a single god who favored their people. It is curious how this all knowing, all powerful deity’s desires and tendencies almost exactly mirror that of the population who worships him, isn’t it?

All in all, the idea of a creator is terribly wanting, and quite irresponsible. It provides absolutely no proof to support its astronomical claims, and its origins can be traced back to horrendously flawed religious assumptions. Asserting that there is a sentient creator is pretty much the same as claiming that animals arise through spontaneous generation. Both of the ideas are woefully nostalgic in character, and pedantic in mindset. In the end, we cannot yet completely discard the notion of a Deist creator like we can a Theist god, but we can disregard it as an intellectual and scientific folly, of which there is no factual basis, only senseless conjecture, wishful nostalgia, and oversight of the vast preponderance of scientific data that indicates a completely materialistic and naturalistic generation of the universe.

September 17, 2011 / Logan Christie / Download PDF

8 thoughts on “A Brief Inquiry into the ‘God Phenomenon’

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  2. I’ve met a couple of Christians, who don’t see god as the personality. Rather he is everything, which is similar to the concept of Allah in Islam. I myself have toyed with the idea of there being a unifying “something”, behind everything. Now is that irrational? Perhaps giving things a human face and similar characteristics is simply a way of understanding things. Still in this day and age, there is a place for that. Not everyone understands science, and god is a much easier concept to understand if you have not been taught how to reason properly and to know who to trust. Now I’m not advocating organised religion, but personal belief is different. Religion is a tool of society, belief is the tool of the individual.

  3. If you examine the basic framework of our universe, it is difficult to determine whether there is a fabric that unifies our reality or not. The behavior of quantum particles could indicate a unified medium, as they are known to zap in and out of existence light years away from each other, only to return to its original position an instant later. Also, the simple cause and effect mechanism that the universe functions on could be considered a unifying agent. In short, is the universe unified? Yes. Is it in the way that most of us imagine, or hope for it to be? Most likely not.

    When it comes to religion, it was the best we had for a very long time. I think, through the efforts of modern education and a better standard of living, people will divert from the clutches of organized religion, and practise a more secular belief, based on nature itself, rather than a sentient deity.

  4. you have quite a pessimistic point of view; however, you’re a great writer and your point makes sense.

    i liek this part: “It is curious how this all knowing, all powerful deity’s desires and tendencies almost exactly mirror that of the population who worships him, isn’t it?” Curious, insightful and interesting point of view. Never thought about it that way.

    • Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Anyway, I view it as realism more than I would pessimism. I suppose one person’s lemons is another’s lemonade.

  5. pantheism, scientific pantheism. there is an origins so great, awesome, profound, magnificent, that humans cannot wrap their head around it but in symbolic terms. but, life is in everything, that force.

  6. “The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology.”

    -Albert Einstein.

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